July 20, 2017

Trump warns Mueller not to do his job

NY Daily News - President Trump cautioned the Justice Department’s special counsel from straying too far from his Russia probe.

When asked if Robert Mueller would be crossing a “red line” by investigating Trump’s personal finances, the President adamantly defended his business dealings in a meandering interview with the New York Times.

“I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia,” Trump said Wednesday, then appearing to dare Mueller to try examining his financial filings.


Anonymous said...

Mueller is a Deep State operative and a friend of Comey's. He is also involved in the HSBC corruption just like Comey was - and many others.

This is a fishing expedition that has nothing to do with this totally non-existent Trump-Russian collusion - they will find something anything in his business dealings (or one of his associates that goes carried away) and then try to push for impeachment. The Trump-Russia collusion hysteria is the greatest and most dangerous delusion since the Cold War - and it could lead to WW III!

Sam - I know you hate Trump - but you know I'm right about this - I know you've seen it all over the years.

I really hope Deep State is stupid enough to go thru with this because I think most people see thru this nonsense. I think this method will backfire. Trump should just fire him, even though they will also push to impeach.

Then they will just have to try to kill him - which is the backup plan.

All those of you who think Trump is the greatest threat to this country are severely misinformed about the Deep State - you think it is your friend - it is not. They will keep taking us slowly into a technocratic fascist state - and you will cheer the whole way because they will speak to you in the language of safe spaces - as they corral you into the slaughterhouse.

Fight Trump all you want - just don't think those opposing him are your friends - they are the same ones who put us $20 Trillion in debt and have been launching all the wars for 40 years or more.

greg gerritt said...

The President is not above the rule of law. Honesty and Transparency is the best policy. Criticizing the investigators says you have domething to hide. Firing the investigator is a crime in a normal world.