July 30, 2017

Trump wants to wreck train service to over 220 American cities and 23 states

Guardian - While he has touted a $1tn investment plan for America’s infrastructure – which so far shows few signs of materialising – the president’s proposed budget included $630m in cuts for Amtrak that would devastate long-distance services.

An advocacy group, the National Association of Railroad Passengers (Narp), warned the budget “wipes out funding for long-distance train service in over 220 cities and towns and in 23 states that will lose train service completely”. Almost all those states are in the middle of the country and voted for Trump. Most of the stations said to be at risk are in rural areas.


Jim Klimaski said...

Trump doesn't ride trains. So, what's the problem here? If it doesn't directly benefit Trump or his immediate family, the Government doesn't need to do anything about it. Trump realizes none of his rich friends ride the train either. Double bonus for this budget cut.

Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning of when the "dumbing-down of America" comes back to bite it.