July 21, 2017

Trump plans to damage American healthcare even if Obamacare survives

Politico - If a last-ditch repeal effort fails in Congress next week, all indications are the Trump administration will continue chipping away at the Affordable Care Act — if not torching it outright.

President Donald Trump, who regularly says Obamacare is dead, has already taken steps to undermine the law even as the legislative battle over repeal drags on. His administration has slashed crucial advertising dollars, cut the enrollment window in half, and regularly pumps out anti-Obamacare videos and graphics — actions sure to reduce the number of people who sign up.

Trump has plenty of other options to roll back a program covering roughly 20 million Americans. Those include ending enforcement of the mandate to carry insurance, imposing work restrictions and nominal premiums on low-income adults who qualify for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and letting states relax the law’s robust coverage rules.

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Anonymous said...

you and i and the greens and the individual market 's Obamacare losers do not have enough money to BRIBE the 98% of senators and congresspersonS who do not have the integrity to do the right thing AND VOTE FOR SINGLE PAYER!!! . THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE SITUATION TOTALLY AND 100% HOPELESS FOR SINGLE PAYER IN AMERICA. IT IS A GUARANTEED LOSING CHESS GAME. That is why i keep saying we must first KNEECAP our corrupt employer purchased health insurance model using PRESIDENT (!!!!) Donald Trump's already proposed idea to MOVE and EXPAND the health insurance income tax deduction to EVERYONE'S IRS TAX RETURNS SO IT covers EVERYONE, thsu losing it's corrupting value when paired with selling a national standard health paln acros state lines, another of PRESIDENT donald Truimps proposals.. Remember, the republican adn democratic party's proposed TAX FREE HEALTH SAVEIGNS ACCOUNTS for individuals ARE NOT THE SAME -- they are designed to derail Trumps excellent "national standard imposing" tax proposal. HSAs ARE ONLY DIVERSIONS MEANT OT PRESERVE THE corrupt 70+ YEAR risk pool fracturing POWER OF EMPLOYER ONLY PRE-TAX-DOLLAR HEALTH INSURANCE PURCHASES. Remember, every job interview is a form of individua medical underwriting for pre-existing-conditions, and thus THIS CORRUPT TAX POLICY FRACTURES OUR NATIONS RISK POOL INTO THOUSANDS OF RISK POOLS WHICH INSURERS CAN EASILY AVOID, AND ALLOWS THOSE RISK POOLS TO EJECT ANY SICK PEOPLE INTO OUR NATIONS DUMPING GROUND, THE OBAMACARE EXCHANGE INDIVIDUAL MARKET RISK POOL which insurers can abandon at will, and where THOSE UNFORTUNATE people are forced to BUY THEIR HEALTH InsARUCNE USING a lot more of their post _tax_dollar earnings!. finally, MOST EVERYONE WHO BUYS THEIR OWN HEALTH InsuranCE ALREADY KNOWS ALL THIS, whereas most.EVERYONE ELSE IS COMFORTABLE AND CLUELESS AND COULD CARE LESS UNTIL -- when it is too late -- THEY SOEMDAY find themselves DUMPED INTO THE INDIVIDUAL MARKET health RISK POOL and they suddenly wake up to REALITY😲😲 pictured below is all that is needed to fix 95% of healthcare in America... the other 5% is merging EVERYONE into a single NATIONAL system.