July 20, 2017

Mueller looking into Trump business transactions with Russians

Bloomberg - The U.S. special counsel investigating possible ties between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia in last year’s election is examining a broad range of transactions involving Trump’s businesses as well as those of his associates, according to a person familiar with the probe.

FBI investigators and others are looking at Russian purchases of apartments in Trump buildings, Trump’s involvement in a controversial SoHo development with Russian associates, the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and Trump’s sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch in 2008, the person said.

John Dowd, one of Trump’s lawyers, said on Thursday he was unaware of this element of the investigation. "Those transactions are in my view well beyond the mandate of the Special counsel; are unrelated to the election of 2016 or any alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and most importantly, are well beyond any Statute of Limitation imposed by the United States Code," he wrote in an email.


Anonymous said...

Trump need to fire Mueller now - this is beyond ridiculous at this point. Comey needs to answer for leaking classified info. Time to take the gloves off against the Deep Statists!

Anonymous said...

Mueller needs to get to the bottom of all the corruption, obstruction, lying, and malfeasance that 45, his family, and their toadies are getting up to. Hopefully it will take long enough, and expose enough of the crimes, obstruction, and lies to make the populace properly angry at the republicans, so that they loose majorities in both the house and senate in the mid term elections. 45 admitted himself before any revelation of Comey's leaks, that 45 fired Comey to stop investigation into 45's campaign's Russian connections. Comey's leaks pale in comparison to Donald Jr.'s meeting with a Russian Attorney, Manafort, Kushner and 3 other people. There is so much wrong going on in 45's white house that if 45 fired Mueller, it would only be an admission of guilt.
Time to take the gloves off on letting 45's regime get away with corruption, obstruction and possibly treason.

Here, 1:08, maybe this will open your eyes.

"The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump" a Dutch investigative documentary.


greg gerritt said...

Replying to Anonymous, a better response by the President and his team would be complete transparency and honesty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 12:16, where is your concern with the Deep State?

Deep State has killed millions and driven us into $20 Trillion in debt, and threatens global wars - care about that?

The whole Russian narrative was a setup before the election by the Deep State intel agencies and their toadies (McCain, Graham, Comey, Clinton, Lynch, etc.). It's no coincidence that Podesta and The Clinton team latched on to that narrative the morning after the election while trying to explain away the unimaginable and inexplicable loss.

All those who cried out against McCarthyism should go look in the mirror.

Care for some real history re: US/Russia relations and the Deep State plotting wars and refusing to seek peace with Russia? Go check Oliver Stone's Secret History of the US docuseries.

What's worse, these Deep State operatives and sycophants don't see to realize that this whole ordeal is not only designed to remove Trump, its also designed to put us back at war with Russia, risking WW III.

All this to put Pence into office? Is that really preferable?