July 10, 2017

More pay discrimination

Harpers - Amount by which the average annual salary of a male nurse exceeds that of a female nurse in the US: $5,100


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, men care about their work more than women (on average). Besides, nobody cares that women out earn men in their twenties, and have been for around a decade. Then they get to be thirty and something happens... I wonder what it could be?

Anonymous said...


Don't worry your little mansplaining head about it.

"men care about their work more than women (on average)."

I tried to find a link supporting your statement that men care more about work. I was willing to read any article on it I could find, but there weren't any. If you have a link to a peer reviewed paper or even a decent news article from a reputable news source I would like to see it.

Here's a good infographic about gender/pay disparities.