July 24, 2017

Maine forms socialist party

Press Herald Socialist Party of Maine held its founding convention at the Viles Arboretum, during which they unified the Socialist Party of Eastern Maine and the Socialist Party of Southern Maine into a statewide party and started to map out strategies for running for office.

“Because we believe in democratic socialism, we take both the democratic and the socialism very seriously,” said Tom MacMillan, one of the organizers of Sunday’s event. Democratic socialism means putting people in communities in control of their lives, he said.

“In their workplaces that means promoting worker-owned cooperatives. That’s a good example. Democracy at work, democracy at the ballot box and democracy in society. We think that regular people can control their lives better than their bosses can or by the owners of big companies. If factories are owned by their workers, they are not going to be sending jobs overseas, because that’s their jobs. They (are) not going to be displacing themselves.”


Anonymous said...

While the formation of the Socialist Party of Maine at first seems positive, it competes with the Greens, and that is negative.

We need a single viable party of the left in the US. Otherwise leftist votes are dispersed and

Unless the South American model can be followed:
The success of South American leftists in several recent national elections was due to all parties of the left agreeing to vote for a single candidate.

Anonymous said...

Socialists? Why not form a Whig party while we're at it? What year is this?

Bill Hicks said...

Expect the Democratic Party to start savaging them should they start polling over 1% in any state election.