July 19, 2017

Help the editor: Need best public relations and/or psycholgical approaches to someone like Trump

Have seen lots of stories about how good Trump is at PR and what a nut he is, but can't find any good stories on how to deal with these problems. Send good links to here

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Anonymous said...

First the people are not that stupid, most know Trump is a scumbag sociopath. The people may not know the correct definition of a sociopath but they do know all the elites are narcissist sociopaths of some kind.

Most people think it is good for the elites to be fighting each other and not doing things like trade agreements and passing laws that is good for them and not good for the nation and people. So Trump verses the rest of the elites is a good thing many people think, let them chew on each other rather the nation and people.

The elites have lost control over the control type
"information control" to a large extent, there has always lying sociopaths in charge, pathological narcissistic that habitually lie every day.

Have you notice that when these freaks get in trouble, they double and triple down and lie even harder?????? The news media ran by these freaks their puppet politicians, ect, have you noticed?

This is causing a shift in social interaction new to history. I can discus some of my thoughts on this in time.