July 30, 2017

Former FCC chair: Trump internet plan would make access like buying a cable TV service

Popular Resistance  - The former chief of the Federal Communications Commission under President Barack Obama warned the Trump administration’s plan to repeal net neutrality rules could make accessing the internet like buying a cable TV package.

Tom Wheeler, who led the passage of the embattled rules at the FCC in 2015, said the new Republican plan to undo them would let broadband providers like Comcast and Verizon carve up internet access like premium cable channels.

“Do you want your access to the internet to look like your cable service?” Wheeler told a crowd in Baltimore Wednesday. “Stop and think about it — cable operators pick and choose what channels you get. Cable operators pick and choose who they let on. Cable operators turn to you and say, ‘Oh you want that? That’s going to be a little bit more.’”

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