July 4, 2017

CNN doing great except with Trump

The Street - Despite a high level of vitriol, President Trump's efforts to undermine CNN have failed so far, if the ratings are any indication.

The Turner Broadcasting news network reported its most-watched second quarter on June 27. Notably, Time Warner Inc.'s (TWX) CNN saw a 39% year-over-year spike in the important 25-54 demographic, pulling in 264,000 total day viewers -- second among the Big Three news channels that also include Fox News and MSNBC. In fact, the quarter represented CNN's best for adults aged 25-54 since the 2008 election cycle nearly a decade ago.

Many of the network's key programs, including "The Lead with Jake Tapper" and "Anderson Cooper 360," were up more than 50% compared with the same frame last year.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that when tRumplethinskin blusters about CNN being "fake news", many of the people who make up 45's +60% disapproval rating, go to see what truth is making 45 loose his temper.

45 is CNN's best promoter.