July 22, 2017

A historian's view of Trump trying to pardon himself

Clark Mindock, Independent, UK - “If Donald Trump thinks that he can easily pardon himself and pardon his aides, pardon his children and limit the [Robert] Mueller investigation, perhaps fire Mueller and or [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions and [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein,” Michael Beschloss, an American historian who specialises in the presidency, said in an appearance on MSNBC, “we are on our way if that happens to see a constitutional crisis that would make Watergate look like a minor event in comparison.”

Mr Beschloss said that, if Mr Trump is truly considering pardoning himself, his family, and his administration officials, then it illustrates a big difference between him and Nixon. The former president, at the height of the Watergate scandal, refused to consider similar pardons, he said, and said at the time that those actions would be “dishonorable”.

It isn’t clear if the President has the ability to pardon himself, and leading constitutional scholars have argued that he definitely doesn’t have that particular power. The constitution gives the President sole power to grant pardons and commutations against federal crimes


Anonymous said...

Maybe, but since the Democrats have lost all credibility due to the Russia nonsense, does it really matter at this point what Trump does? They don't have any power to do anything, and are rapidly losing what remaining power they have. Even if the American people don't like that he pardoned himself, that's not enough to get them to vote for the Dems, the party of the Clintons, Pelosi and the other plutocrats. They're done regardless. Trump has a ticket to ride for four years. The Dems can continue to hurt the country and the American people by continuing to obstruct the duly elected government from addressing problems, and make it harder for Trump, but they can't regain the credibility they once had or remove him from office.

MISmajor said...


When I see your posts, I really pity you, for you have such a deluded understanding of the world. I won't even bother to try to inform you, because if you love tRump so much, you will refuse to listen to sense. If you actually read articles on this site and still can say things like you did above, you are determined not to learn. Enjoy your ignorance.