June 10, 2017

Trump wants to kill train service for 140 million Americans

Valley Morning Star - This summer travel season may be the last year with train travel as an option for millions of Americans. The Administration’s proposed 2018 budget wipes out funding for almost all Amtrak trains except on the East and West coasts. More than 220 cities and towns will lose train service completely and 140 million people will completely lose an entire transportation mode.

“If Congress enacts this budget, our national passenger rail network will largely cease to exist,” said Jim Mathews, National Association of Railroad Passengers president and CEO. “These cuts will have a profound economic impact both nationally, regionally and locally.”

This summer, the National Association of Railroad Passengers is organizing Americans across the country to participate in “Rally For Trains” in an effort to demonstrate the significant impact trains have on the lives of Americans.

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greg gerritt said...

Our criminal presidnet is an idiot