June 24, 2017

Modern day slavery:Inmates working in southern state governmemnt buildings

Alternet - Inmates working at the capitol building in Baton Rouge is a common sight. Prisoners work in the Louisiana governor’s mansion and inmates clean up after Louisiana State University football games as well. But the labor practice of having inmates work in state government buildings extends beyond Louisiana; at least six other states in the U.S. allow for this practice: Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Georgia.

While inmates working in state government buildings are dutifully screened, they are not much better paid than prisoners with other jobs. In Louisiana, inmates in the capitol are paid between 2 and 20 cents per hour. They could opt for earning good-time credit toward early release, but only if they qualify. And with a normal workday of at least 12 hours—from 5 in the morning to at least 5 in the afternoon, barring legislative sessions when inmates work more than 12 hours—the prisoners make between 24 cents and $2.40 a day.

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Anonymous said...

Barring the 'slavery' angle, this really doesn't fit with what I would expect in any Red State.
I would expect Privatization... not any kind of Governmental subsidized 'socialist' commie pinko work program!
What on earth is happening? This is tantamount to Nixon going to Communist China! Or... Trump being chummy with Putin!
Are these the 'end-times'?