June 1, 2017

Jerry Brown: States should act if Trump withdraws form Paris agreement

SF Gate- Gov. Jerry Brown  called on states to forge an alliance to support the Paris climate deal following reports that President Trump plans to withdraw the United States from the landmark international accord.

Although individual states cannot sign the Paris agreement, Brown said state leaders should step up to demonstrate the nation’s support if Trump pulls out of the coordinated response to global warming.

“This doesn’t look so good,” Brown told The Chronicle, just days before he heads to China to meet with climate leaders. “I can’t believe that in the face of science, (Trump) can say black is white.”

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Anonymous said...

I predict Trump will back down on his promise to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, as he has on some other of his foolish pronouncements, because he has no say on matters of real consequence.

While he does have a little wiggle room on some domestic matters, his role on most international matters will be dictated to him by his "advisors" (really his controllers) and they will follow the edicts of the Bilderberg Conference, The Council on Foreign Relations and other ancillary organizations.

The fog horn sounds, but does not steer the ship.