June 22, 2017

DNC has worst fundraising May in over a decade

The Hill - The Democratic National Committee had its worst May since 2003, raising just $4.3 million dollars as it struggles to rebound from a series of election defeats, according to Federal Election Commission data.

The last time May fundraising was lower was in 2003, when the DNC raised just $2.7 million.

In contrast, the Republican National Committee raised more than double, notching $10.8 million in May, a record-high amount for an off-year.


Walter F. Wouk said...

$4.3 Million versus $10.8 Million -- that's why they're called "Republican Lite>"

Bill Hicks said...

With all the Russia hysteria and completely ignoring the serious problems faced by working Americans, I can't say I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...