June 8, 2017

Democratic congressmembers filing suit against Trump's violation of emoluments clause

Washington Journal - Politico reports that a group of Democrats in the House and Senate are moving to file a lawsuit against Trump, alleging that he is in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

The clause forbids presidents from accepting gifts or payments from other countries. Trump has failed to sell his business interests or put them in a blind trust, instead assigning his children to run the companies. The decision has thrown the door wide open for foreign countries to directly influence the White House.

It’s now a simple matter for these nations to spend inordinate amounts of money at Trump businesses, who can then in turn inform Trump, who can then grant the customer countries preferential treatments or shape U.S. policy to benefit them. Numerous private hotels and restaurants have already filed complaints, stating that foreign governments are now ignoring their establishments in favor of Trump’s.

The Democrats banding together for the lawsuit plan to file it in the coming weeks. So far 78 Democratic Congressmen and 25 Democratic Senators have thrown their support behind the idea.

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