May 9, 2017

Trump dump

Conan O'Brien:  Overheard in 2026: “I know of this one man, he’s so rich, he went to a DOCTOR.”

Trump megadonor Robert Mercer believes US turned in ‘wrong direction’ after feds ensured blacks could vote

Harper's Index

A reporter asks White House press secretary Sean Spicer why President Trump's website still mentions "preventing Muslim immigration", and the online page is erased shortly afterwards.

Less than a third of Americans support the GOP health care bill aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act that passed the House last week, according to a new poll. While 31% of Americans said they support the bill, 44% of respondents said they oppose it and a quarter said they were unsure, according to the HuffPost/YouGov survey.


Anonymous said...

And how many of these respondents are aware that The Affordable Health Care Act is completely unraveling because its financially doomed? Or that Obama stole hundreds of billions of dollars from Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to fund it? Or that the whole premise was built upon lies? Or that its all designed to collapse the entire industry to move towards Single Payer? Or that the cost of medical care is inflated by 80-90% due to anti-trust fraud and monopolies protected by the federal government? Or that the numbers of administrators not providing medical care has increased exponentially since 1970 by about 3,000% vs an increase in physicians by less than 100%?

The problem is NOT health insurance! The problem is COST and that can only be addressed by the free market - which we do not have in any way, shape or form. It doesn't if we do go to Single Payer - which would save some admin costs of the insurance companies - this "sick-care" system in unsustainable and the country will still go bankrupt either way.

There is NO other industry that gets away with this - they are in complete violation of all anti-trust laws - but the politicians are all bought off - even Trump who at first promised to help end price-fixing on medical care and pharma drugs.

All of this legislation from either party is merely shifting deck chairs on the Titanic! We could end this whole problem of unaffordable and unavailable medical care in this country by enforcing anti-trust provisions and taking some of that money and investing in prevention. But the powers that be don't want that!

Anonymous said...

That Conan line has been true, and remains so, already for millions of US citizens. It's revealing of just how out of touch the various social strata are with the realities faced by all too many at the the lower echelons.

Anonymous said...

Robert Mercer and Brexit and Trump.

Anonymous said...

Which month's Harper's Index, please? I clicked the link and looked at april and may but didn't see that bit about trump and co. wealth being greater than GDP of 114 countries.