May 5, 2017

The GOP's legislative mass manslaugter

 Calling the GOP repeal of Obamacare an act of mass manslaughter is hardly an exaggeration. For example, one definition of the crime includes;
Involuntary manslaughter occurs when one person, while committing an unlawful or reckless act, unintentionally kills another.
There's no question but that the GOP Don't Care Bill is a reckless act and there is no question that, should it be passed in both houses, it would kill thousands of people. Whether this is intentional o the Republicans' part is an arguable point, but manslaughter is a reckless consequence rather than a purposeful act.

Passing such a bill now  is dramatically different than if there wasn't any Obamacare. It has the same effect, say, of quietly removing the brakes on thousands of people's cars. And there is a strong argument that it is a criminal act.

How many people will be killed as a result is debatable, but here are some of the estimates:

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