May 17, 2017

Red Cross attacks Israel siege of Gaza

Alternet - The Red Cross has warned that Gaza faces "a systemic collapse of an already battered infrastructure and economy," just days ahead of President Donald Trump’s arrival in Israel for the first stop on his so-called “tolerance tour.”

This June marks the 10-year anniversary of Israel's siege of Gaza. Its blockade and periodic wars have reduced the nearly two million Palestinians who live there to bitter poverty.

The International Committee of the Red Cross released a statement May 15 addressing the adverse effects of electricity shortages on life in the strip.

"Severe power and fuel shortage has reached a critical point in Gaza, endangering essential services including healthcare, wastewater treatment and water provision," the humanitarian organization wrote.

"Without immediate intervention, a public health and environment crisis is looming," it added.

Residents of Gaza enjoy electricity for just six hours a day on average. The strip has only one power plant, which was bombed by the Israeli military in 2014.

"All aspects of life in Gaza have been affected," the Red Cross noted in its statement. "As a result, a systemic collapse of an already battered infrastructure and economy is impending."

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