May 20, 2017

Phony liberals at play

Liberal Values Blog - The Center for American Progress held an Ideas Conference but The Nation reports that Bernie Sanders was not welcome:
But there was an awkward absence: Senator Bernie Sanders. He was not invited to the “Ideas Conference,” and his exclusion makes clear that, while Democrats are converging around a general set of ideological principles, the party still faces some serious coalition-building problems.

CAP president Neera Tanden explained to The Washington Post that “We were trying to emphasize a new generation,” and a CAP spokesperson told The Nation that nobody who ran for president before was invited.

That’s true as far as it goes, but with any scrutiny it feels more like a post facto justification for not including Sanders. There’s a big difference between Hillary Clinton—now a private citizen with no future electoral plans—and Sanders, a sitting senator who polls as the most popular politician in the country and who has pointedly not ruled out a 2020 presidential campaign. The press materials for the conference proclaimed it would “bring together national leaders of the progressive cause,” and there’s no real way Sanders doesn’t fit that description, or rationally should have been excluded simply because he ran for president last year. (The presence of Susan Rice and Tom Daschle onstage also puts considerable strain on the idea that only new voices were being elevated.)
This division has help to show who has sold out to the establishment and who is really for reform.
Daily Kos founder and self-appointed “granddaddy of the resistance” Markos Moulitsas drove the point home when he huffed during a panel about “that grassroots Bernie thing” and how it was a detriment to the party.
This comes from someone who made the Iraq war his main litmus test in 2004. Now that he is part of the establishment, he backed the candidate who was one of the strongest proponents of military interventionism.


Anonymous said...

But as the Nation article says: being shunned by party bosses is rocket fuel for the Sanders movement.

Anonymous said...

So The Center for American Progress proves to be yet another organization bent on keeping the Democrats Republican-lite.

These pussy-footing fascists work to insure that democracy does not gain a foothold in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Center for American Progress is basically a front organization for the vestiges of the old DLC, intimately tied to the Clintons and their factions within the Democratic Party. The first president of the organization was John Podesta, so what would anyone really think CAP's agenda and affiliations are? It is a part and parcel representation of the rot eroding the party. Let it die and move on.