May 17, 2017

More evidence that MSNBC is moving to the right

Showboat 411 - MSNBC is ending the top rated “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell, the popular show that follows Rachel Maddow at 10pm. O’Donnell’s contract is up shortly, and the network has not made any overtures about keeping him on.

There is a fear that despite Maddow’s dogged liberalism, MSNBC is taking a turn to the right. O’Donnell would not fit into that model. But they’ve installed Fox News’s Greta van Susteren at 6pm, and more changes are coming. (This follows the disaster with Tamron Hall and the coming of Megyn Kelly from Fox News, too.)

It seems just like MSNBC to abruptly kill their own success. They’re finally beating CNN and Fox, so why not reverse course? Crazy. O’Donnell’s ratings have never been higher.

NBC sources say that O’Donnell’s tireless criticism of Donald Trump is the cause of the trouble. O’Donnell calls Trump a liar on TV almost ever night.


Anonymous said...

MSNBC has always been essentially a mouthpiece for the DNC, meaning that has never been anything near left politically, but rather a de facto center-right neoliberal apologist entity. The implication that MSNBC has been anything other than that is erroneous and misleading.

Anonymous said...

they may have woken up to the fact that O'Donnell is a psycho

Karl Kolchak said...

If Rachel Maddow and her McCarthyite attacks on anybody who doesn't like Queen Hillary is an example of "dogged liberalism," this country is already finished.