May 11, 2017

DC TV station finds Trump Tower loaded with foreign goods

USA Today - President Trump wants the federal government to buy American, but his hotel down the street from the White House falls short on that directive.

The four-story American flag in the lobby towers over Swarovski chandeliers made in Austria.

Lamps lining the hallway are from China. Small decorative boxes on the coffee tables are marked with stickers that read “Made in India.”

The discoveries are seemingly at odds with the Buy American and Hire American executive order that the president issued April 18. In a speech that same day in Wisconsin, Trump said he wanted the federal government to “minimize the use of waivers and to maximize made in America content in all federal projects.”

"With this order I am directing every single agency in our government to strictly uphold our buy-American laws," Trump said.

Phones in the room were made in Malaysia. The TV was from South Korea. A tray was made in the United Kingdom.

Towels were from India. Soaps and shampoos came from Canada. The plush robe was made in China.

The dishes were from Germany and the glasses from Italy. The sheets and comforter also were made in Italy although the Sterns and Foster mattress and its pillows were American made.

Other American-made products in the room: the Bible, clock, trash can and big-ticket items such as high-end bathroom fixtures and furniture.

In all, about two-thirds of more than 30 products that WUSA-TV special assignment reporters could identify came from outside the USA:

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greg gerritt said...

Presidnet Toxic Demp never tells the truth. All he wants is poer for the Kleptocracy