May 15, 2017

2020 Census in trouble

Governing - Several events in recent months have hinted that the 2020 Census could be in serious trouble.

The latest funding proposals fall far short of what many contend is needed to prepare for the decennial count. In February, the Government Accountability Office added the program to its “high risk” list. And just last week, Director John Thompson surprised Census observers when he announced that he would resign at the end of next month.

Certain segments of the country, in particular, are much more vulnerable to inaccuracies or underreporting than others. Racial and ethnic minorities, poorer households and those on the margins of society could be disproportionately hurt if the Census reaches fewer households.

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Anonymous said...

Since the Census has become this huge invasive demand for personal information that I consider private, I'm hoping the Census budget shortfall means fewer of the nosy census takers will be out harassing me for more of my private information. Each Census I send the form back promptly, but I only answer the question that the Constitution demands, how many people live here. Usually, I later get some Census temp at my door trying to get more info out of me. I consider this harassment, and would be quite happy if there wasn't enough budget to bother with people who have already sent in their forms.