April 22, 2017

Trump inspires new playground game

Daily Beast - Bizarrely Trump-themed play is popping up in schools for children as young as four years old.

It’s a Trumpian take on the playground game “cops and robbers”: one student plays “Trump,” another is “Pence,” and the rest play “Mexicans” who must escape the threat of deportation by being tagged.

The students are as young as nine years old and this is the playground at a New York City elementary school in predominantly Latino East Harlem.

Once tagged, the “Mexicans” rely on their friends to free them from “detention” (a fenced-in play area) otherwise Trump and Pence win, one parent whose child participated in the game said. This oddly politicized game of tag has some parents wondering how students have incorporated notions of immigration and deportation into otherwise innocent play, and just how much they know—or don’t know—about the new president and his policies.

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greg gerritt said...

it is juast another version of ringaleavio. as for kides understanding the politics , who cares. they are kids. We had also sorts of weird songs about politics when i was a kid, and some of it I did not figure out until I was 50. The kids will figure it out when they need to.