April 14, 2017

Trump finds keys to family gun cabinet

Simon Tisdall, Guardian - Donald Trump’s random use of the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan has dramatized the ongoing US failure to win the father of all wars – a conflict begun by George W Bush in 2001 when he attacked the Taliban regime in Kabul and which is now in its 16th year. '

Afghanistan is the longest-running conflict in US history, and for the Afghan people it has become an interminable agony. Civilian casualties are rising. In 2016 they were the highest the UN had ever recorded, with 11,500 non-combatants killed or wounded, a third of them children.

No plausible explanation has been forthcoming for why General John Nicholson, the US Afghanistan commander, suddenly decided to deploy this previously unused weapon of mass destructive power at this particular moment, or whether additional MOAB attacks are planned.



Anonymous said...

I have a few questions about this MOAB attack in Afghanistan.

1st, Did Raytheon or another defense contractor in which 45 owns stock or have a financial interest in, build this MOAB? If this is the case, 45 is enriching himself and his family by making war. The cost of that bomb could have fixed Flint Michigan's water problems twice over.

2nd, Is this 45's way of trying to provoke another domestic terrorist attack in the US, then he can blame it on immigrants, and then he can pass a new and far worse "patriot act". If 45 keeps randomly bombing people, somebody is going to strike back, I'm concerned 45 is banking on it.

3rd, How does this MOAB attack serve 45's debt to Russian mobsters. Does it pay off a part of it, or is 45 their puppet, simply dancing on the Russian Mob's strings. Since 45 is surrounded by people who have all these dubious Russian connections, it is a valid question.

I have plenty of other questions, but those were the first 3.

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions about having a few questions about 45 and his nefarious activities:

1) For how long will the Democratic Party, and too many liberal camp followers, resort to constructs and bogeymen to avoid the truth about the last election? Hillary Clinton lost to a circus act; the loss was not about chintzy identity politics but decades of miserable neoliberal policy which served to cannibalize and traumatize the base.

2) Since inequality exploded in the mid-90's*, global elites have had more in common with each other than with their own fellow nationals. Trump borrowing money (or hiring peeing prostitutes) in Moscow means roughly zilch; for some really scary news, please review Jeffrey Sachs and international finance swooping into the Former Soviet Union with financial bludgeons. For this next stretch of American life it may be instructive.

3) Whycome Trump who, a few nanoseconds ago, was the source of all bad things is now Rehabilitated and Presidential by applying violence to Syria? Given Hillary Clinton's role in creating that charnel house, is that suspicious? Are we numb to the endless wars that drain lives and resources?

4) It's Tax Day and there are marches and demos around the country; Trump's tax returns are wanted dead or alive. This, too, is reminiscent of The Clinton Foundation's serial money and influence laundering. Trump lacking the poise and rhetoric of Obama should not blind us to the reality: only the public conduct of the president has changed. The results may differ in degree but not intention.

I carry no brief for The Donald, who I've hated since SPY regularly thrashed him decades ago. But I also have no patience for shithead liberals who are dumber than a sack of hammers. Until those left of center get smart about where we're at (a vicious class system, violent imperial decline, looming environmental disaster), it will get worse. Please try not to be an accomplice.

* under William Jefferson Beauregard Clinton.

Anonymous said...


1) I am not a liberal, but Clinton did win the popular vote by 3 million. The electoral college, which was designed as a compromise by the founding fathers to count slaves as 3/5ths of a person, handed 45 the win. At the end of the election I was simultaneously both relieved that Clinton had lost and deeply concerned that 45 won. This whole election was a shitshow because of DNC meddling in the primary, and Russia meddling in the general election. All that said, until Citizens United is overturned, US politics will only continue to get worse.

2) I'm well aware of how badly things have gone in Russia over the past 30 years, and how capitalists rolled over Russia in the 1990s. Since the election of Ronald Reagan, elites in the US have been trying to make the US a third world country. Under either 45 or Clinton, things will/would get worse.

3) 45 doesn't look presidential or rehabilitated, he looks like a war monger who does''t have a plan, but has a lot of bombs and financial ties to defense contractors who will make him a profit on war.
The press can be incredibly stupid about war coverage, because many large media outlets have ties to defense contractors, who love to sell bombs and guns. That doesn't mean the populace likes 45's really terrifying lack of any coherent international policy. HRClinton had only continued the same policies that have been going on under every president since Reagan, those policies have created a "charnel house" that both parties have expanded with who ever was in office. There are no heroes on this one.

4) 45 needs to release his tax returns, and I would like to see an audit of the Clinton foundation too. 45 conducts himself like a coke head, but he has surrounded himself with the very swamp he pledged to drain. I'm well aware of how corrupt it is inside the Beltway, and 45 is only taking advantage of that.

>"I carry no brief for The Donald, who I've hated since SPY regularly thrashed him decades ago. But I also have no patience for shithead liberals who are dumber than a sack of hammers. Until those left of center get smart about where we're at (a vicious class system, violent imperial decline, looming environmental disaster), it will get worse. Please try not to be an accomplice."<

Wow you really make a lot of assumptions from a few sentences of another person's writing. All I was asking was a few questions about 45 specifically, and you reply with a random anti-liberal screed, that seems to be accusing me of giving liberals a free ride, when I wasn't addressing liberals at all for brevity. I'm not a liberal. I've watched how badly liberals have acted since 1980. I'm not ignorant of the decades of imperialism, war mongering, violence, theft, corruption, negligence, and malfeasance that is the US government, especially since Reagan, when the knobs of all this awfulness were turned up to 11. It's the non liberal left that is doing the most to resist 45. If you can't see that you aren't paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Your three posted questions are the same lame blame game that the Hillary contingent has hysterically flogged for months. There's no excuse and if you can't stand having these views challenged, don't bother posting them. And the popular vote trope is for losers; if it were a legitimate gripe, the Party had fifteen years to work on it after the 2000 debacle (Gore, another neoliberal who lost to a joke).

Let me be even more generous: assume that all you say about Trump is true - the nefarious etc, dishonesty whatever, and sinister anon. Sure. It does not change that the Democratic Party and liberals blew the last election like a French horn and have consistently sided with corporations and the wealthy for decades. The best solution to the freakshow of the Trump Administration, who are admirably unambiguous in their behavior and goals, is to thrash the wimpy, greasy tribe of amnesiac liberals, whose snakelike talent for denial and misdirection makes Trump seem a choirboy.

Attacking Trump, who repeat: won the election under the system we now have, as illegitimate will do no good. In fact, it may bring to the presidency the infinitely worse Mike Pence, who knows how government works and will make Americans miss The Donald. You heard it here first, and you're welcome.

Anonymous said...


Here you go with another pointless screed that doesn't really seem to add anything new or meaningful to the discussion. You only seem to want to insult, instead of exchange ideas. I don't waste my time on tolls like you.