April 22, 2017

Sessions won't say if he'll prosecute media for publishing leaked material

Washington Examiner - Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday refused to comment on the "speculative" notion that the Justice Department could prosecute news outlets in the future following a report that his agency is preparing to file criminal charges against and arrest members of WikiLeaks, including its founder Julian Assange.

"Should folks be concerned this would also open up news organizations like CNN or the New York Times to prosecution?" CNN's Kate Bolduan asked Sessions during a joint interview with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

"That's speculative, and I'm not able to comment on that," Sessions responded, before stating that he was having difficulty hearing Bolduan.

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Anonymous said...

Deconstruction on the move:
1. Deconstruct the State Department
2. Deconstruct the Judiciary
3. Deconstruct Law Enforcement-No Prosecutors
4. Deconstruct the Media
5. Restrict Information by Censorship - No Visitor Logs
6. Deconstruct Health Care
What's Next??????