April 30, 2017

Real life notes: An 81 degree classroom

Liney Louise, Bad Ass Teachers, Chicago  - My classroom is ridiculously hot. There are no windows so I cannot get a cross breeze. I had to buy a fan just to make it through the day. I completed a work order, I talked to admin, and they seem to think there is no problem. I don't know what to do. I had 2 kids get early dismissals yesterday due to pre existing medical conditions that were exacerbated by the heat and humidity. My post it notes won't stick! Yesterday it got to 89 in my room because I had a laptop cart. Today we are holding steady at 81.

What can I do? I've exhausted so many options and no one wants to help. It's been over a week and I get no response or told that it is not hot. (I understand many schools don't have AC at all, and I sympathize, but these classroom conditions are not typical for my school or for my district. Also, I have no windows. Please hold your judgment about me/my students being weaklings. Thanks.)

UPDATE Well, that was quick. Had a child study meeting for a child with POTS. The parent mentioned that she was surprised her child had an episode this week as it had been a long time since she had had any problems. I said, yes, it was my class she had to leave because the classroom temperature is in the eighties and I have no windows. The parent was pretty incredulous and the AP was embarrassed. Had technicians in my room within an hour. Temp is at 73 now and I'm working late catching up on things I couldn't do because it was too hot. It's true, they don't listen to us...it takes parents to put the pressure on! Thank you all so much!

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greg gerritt said...

When io went to school there were no airconditioners and I am sure that many a June day it was over 81 in the classroom. My office at home is regularly over 90 in the summer. I still, work.