April 27, 2017

Obama kicks off his new career with $400k Wall Street speech

Zach Carter, Huffington Post - Former President Barack Obama will receive $400,000 to speak at a health care conference organized by the Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

It should not be a surprise. This unseemly and unnecessary cash-in fits a pattern of bad behavior involving the financial sector, one that spans Obama’s entire presidency. That governing failure convinced millions of his onetime supporters that the president and his party were not, in fact, playing for their team, and helped pave the way for President Donald Trump. Obama’s Wall Street payday will confirm for many what they have long suspected: that the Democratic Party is managed by out-of-touch elites who do not understand or care about the concerns of ordinary Americans. It’s hard to fault those who come to this conclusion.

Obama refused to prosecute the rampant fraud behind the 2008 Wall Street collapse, despite inking multibillion-dollar settlement after multibillion-dollar settlement with major firms over misconduct ranging from foreclosure fraud to rigging energy markets to tax evasion. In some cases, big banks even pleaded guilty to felonies, but Obama’s Justice Department allowed actual human bankers to ride into the sunset. Early in his presidency, Obama vowed to spend up to $100 billion to help struggling families avert foreclosure. Instead, the administration converted the relief plan into a slush fund for big banks, as top traders at bailed-out firms were allowed to collect six-figure bonuses on the taxpayers’ dime.

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Anonymous said...

I know someone who is selling out and moving to New Zealand. A little farther from a potential nuke war fallout, but still living in a republic. If I had the means I may be doing the same myself...

We are not too many years out until the internet organized multi million person marches start on DC, and of course the crack downs and internet shut downs etc, the norm of a third world republic.

It will get interesting in a very sad and very painful way for all of us.

Still no interest in newer better democracy design? How about working on sustainable systems of economy that does not need forever growth to be stable? Oh well, maybe it is impossible anyway even with the best effort.

Has anyone else realize that narcissist sociopaths leaders can't operate like they used to in past history with a internet functioning? That this is a major game changer for all social interaction? Never before in history that the elites and their lackeys have been unable to get away with almost nothing, that they are ratted out within seconds of their actions.

The USA elites screaming murder about Russian supported websites ratting them all out, at the instant they or their lackeys do anything. USA elites screaming about Russian election interference, in reality the internet is exposing all of the forever nasty games that elites play. Of course many websites are Russian supported, but truth is truth.

Now what? third world crashing republics shutting down free open internet, and setting up dictatorships? Then dark ages? Or alternatively moving forward?

Don't expect much out of narcissist sociopaths, they can't change their nature, so history will have to sweep them away into the background. For mankind to emerge out of the coming dark ages.

Study the internal contradictions and main pressure points to have a clue of what is coming next....