April 13, 2017

National Democrats ignored key Kansas race

Observer -On April 11, Democratic congressional candidate James Thompson came close to defeating Republican candidate State Treasurer John Estes in a special election in Kansas, with just over a 6 percent margin in a district that President Donald Trump won by 27 points. However, the bigger story is how Thompson ran a formidable campaign without support from the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. This lack of support likely stemmed from the DCCC’s strategy to abandon rural America and their disdain for candidates who embrace Sen. Bernie Sanders’ progressive agenda.

New DNC Chair Tom Perez said during his own campaign, “A 50-state strategy is the only way forward. That starts with rural outreach and organizers in every zip code.” However, he already broke this promise with the first congressional election Democrats ran under his leadership. Perez made the excuse to the Washington Post, “There are thousands of elections every year. Can we invest in all of them? That would require a major increase in funds.”

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