April 15, 2017

Court orders Trump to pay Miami paint store $300,000

Miami New Times - Donald Trump is so rich. Big-leaguewealthy. So wonderfully wealthy that he apparently owes a Miami paint store $300,000 for work at his Trump National Doral Miami resort. So wealthy he's been fighting not to pay that $300,000 since last year. So wealthy that his lawyers officially lost an appeal yesterday and now he's gotta pay that $300,000 or try to appeal all the way to the Florida Supreme Court.

Yes, the president of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, the single most powerful human being on Planet Earth, a man who recently bombed Syria on a whim, lost a fight over a few thousand dollars' worth of paint supplies.

Yesterday Miami's Third District Court of Appeal ruled that Trump Endeavor 12 LLC, which owns Trump National, owes the cash to a local store called the Paint Spot, which has been fighting to get money out of Trump since 2013. (Perhaps this is why a few of the president's latest budget proposals seem designed to let Miami sink into the rising ocean.) Related Stories

According to court records, Trump agreed to pay the Paint Spot, which supplies Benjamin Moore paint, $200,000 for supplies to help renovate the Lodge at Trump Doral. But, Trump being Trump, in 2013 he simply decided he had "paid enough" of the contract and wouldn't fork over the last $32,535.87 he owed.

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