April 23, 2017

Best Facebook profile update of late

Paul Dickson was born in one of the poorest sections of Havana in 1939 and was put to work in a cigar-wrapping sweat shop at the age of three. He met Ernest Hemingway when he was seven when EH came into the shop for a box of rum-soaked crooks (named for Dickson's uncle Ned) who told him to grow up fast, keep notes, write quickly, eschew adjectives and never use words like eschew. Now the eschew is on the other foot and the rest is history--Dickson's careers as a lumberjack, matador, cannery superintendent, fishmonger and pioneer aromatherapist are well known and need no elaboration here. Dickson's next book will be on the post-digital world and the return of analog values after the impending Digital Dark Age (2012-2076) and the overthrow of the Third Googleocracy He still consumes one cigar each year on his birthday, a custom he has observed since his 4th birthday in Cuba.

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