March 19, 2017

Trump wants to increase the tax on being a woman

Huffington Post - One of the most heralded aspects of the Affordable Care Act was the fact that it no longer made being a woman a pre-existing condition.

Before 2010, women often had to pay more than men for the same coverage. Only 12 percent of individual market plans covered maternity care. And it was completely legal for insurance companies to refuse coverage to women who were pregnant or might become pregnant in the future.

Obamacare changed that. The law created a list of 10 essential health benefits that all plans on the marketplace must cover. Pregnancy, maternity and newborn care are on that list.

President Donald Trump wants to get rid of that mandatory benefit. White House spokesman Sean Spicer pointed to maternity care as a reason that insurance costs were so high and said it was unfairly burdening men and older people who don’t need such services.

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