March 16, 2017

Oh,, this will solve all our problems

Washington Examiner - TV's Oprah Winfrey's hint that she might be interested in a presidential bid has caught fire around the nation and now a new poll puts her well ahead of President Trump in a face off. Winfrey leads Trump 47 percent to 40 percent in a new Public Policy Polling survey, and has a better favorability rating than the president.

Winfrey recently said that she never seriously thought of a run, believing that she didn't have the needed experience. But in considering Trump's background as a businessman, and not a politician, she is toying with a bid.


greg gerritt said...

Anything other than an establshment republican would be better than President Toxic Dump. I work with Taods. The toads are better able to govern than Presicdnet Toxic Dump

Anonymous said...

This would presumably save the Clinton-Obama plutocratic wing against the Sanders democratic wing. Like Buchanan in 1856 she would keep the party together but with less chance of winning. The Dems are a losing party heir to the Whigs and would best be abandoned for a new major party that sees anticorruption as fundamental. Hence no Clintons need apply.The more effective strategy is an anticorruption movement that sweeps all corrupt incumbents out of office. The Clinton-Bush plutocrats then have no democratic access to electoral office.