March 29, 2017

How much Congress members who sold out your Internet privacy got from the cyber industry


Tom Fusco said...

Fear not good Amerikans we still have the best government money can buy!

Anonymous said...

Slowly the nations and people of the world are entering a new phase or reality. Those nations, (today mostly republics) who can keep a well functioning internet will move ahead. Those who are restrictive and non democratic, not truly open and free will fall behind, in all ways most notably economically, then militarily etc.

It is a race in many ways, open free societies will move ahead others will fall behind, while the free usage of fossil fuels is going to cook us all while choking on a polluted smoky haze.

Interesting times, many times in history an advanced society has been reduced by barbarians to third world cess pool stagnation... Alexandria.

Who will go what direction??? Forward, backward or sideways?

Anonymous said...

An interesting article can be written, think of the history of Alexandria. The library destroyed, by hateful action and neglect. A city not as great as it was a millennia ago. It should be by simple linear progress be the most advanced city on the planet.

Don't underestimate pure stupidity ruling over good sense and the ability of the current first world republics in destroying themselves for no good reason at all, except a few making a few dollars more for a day.. Except for a few to keep and gain more power...

Once you make a third world kind of government and culture, well... you get the idea just look at the city of Alexandria today, it once was the most most advanced center of everything in the world. Now? It is not that far fetched that the western republics can be in the chaos that Egypt (Some kind of Republic as well) is in, never ending.