February 13, 2017

Word: Why the elites won't save us

Chris Hedges, Truth Dig - The four-decade-long assault on our democratic institutions by corporations has left them weak and largely dysfunctional. These institutions, which surrendered their efficacy and credibility to serve corporate interests, should have been our firewall. Instead, they are tottering under the onslaught.

Labor unions are a spent force. The press is corporatized and distrusted. Universities have been purged of dissidents and independent scholars who criticize neo-liberalism and decry the decay of democratic institutions and political parties. Public broadcasting and the arts have been defunded and left on life support. The courts have been stacked with judges whose legal careers were spent serving corporate power, a trend in appointments that continued under Barack Obama. Money has replaced the vote, which is how someone as unqualified as Betsy DeVos can buy herself a Cabinet seat. And the Democratic Party, rather than sever its ties to Wall Street and corporations, is naively waiting in the wings to profit from a Trump debacle.

“The biggest asset Trump has is the decadent, clueless, narcissistic, corporate-indentured, war-mongering Democratic Party,” Ralph Nader said when I reached him by phone in Washington. “If the Democratic strategy is waiting for Godot, waiting for Trump to implode, we are in trouble. And just about everything you say about the Democrats you can say about the AFL-CIO. They don’t control the train.”....


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Anonymous said...

Democratic institutions? What a joke, most of history is a lie, remember when there
Was talk about emerging third world working toward first world?

The truth is at the core the western republics had a lucky fluke of history becoming semi stable first world during the cold world era. Remember FDR's new deal? Only the terror of the elites losing the whole world to communism forced the western republics in line enough to enable first world economy and tax base.

As of now we have only cell phones and Internet to fill the void of that lost political force to straightening out the west. How far will the west unwind toward third world is unknown, but a new kind of dark age is very possible.

No matter nuke wars, solar flares and global warming are certain to take out modern western civilization soon ,,, maybe later...