February 27, 2017

There was more to Trump's anti-trans move than bathroom rules

Truthout - The most well known part of the now-rescinded guidance addresses bathroom access for trans students. The guidance improved safety and bathroom access by clarifying that schools may not prohibit trans girl students from using girls' bathrooms, trans boy students from using boys' bathrooms or trans students from using multi-occupancy bathrooms.
But that is not all it did. It also pointed out the following:
  • Schools may not exclude students from school activities, like graduation, because they are trans.
  • Schools may not punish students for not conforming to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity.
  • Schools must give current and former students an opportunity to update their records with accurate name and gender information.
  • Schools may not violate a current or former student's privacy through disclosing the student's trans identity to others.
The Trump administration's joint letter rescinded the entire guidance, not only the portion about bathrooms.

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