February 2, 2017

Gorsuch was leading right winger at Columbia U

Politico - Columbia University was a hotbed of liberal protests in the late 1980s, as students raged against military recruitment, gentrification in New York and a range of other perceived societal wrongs. These progressive protesters were met with one constant voice of opposition: Neil Gorsuch.

“He was the campus's most prominent right-wing activist,” Jordan Kushner, a 1987 Columbia graduate who is now a civil rights lawyer in Minnesota, said. “The political atmosphere was pretty heated at the time, and Neil made a point of staking out, basically, an activist conservative position.”

In one column, he argued in favor of gentrification and defense research by professors and against protests calling for divestment from South Africa due to apartheid, as he alleged many of the companies targeted were already taking steps to divest. He argued the protesters claimed to have the moral high ground, even when the facts did not support their positions.


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John Wheeler said...

If I heard what I think I heard, Obama said Gorsuch was a good pick and a friend of his from Columbia. If he said this, it is case in point why Democrats lose. For years, the meme was that no one knew Obama in college and did he really go to college. Now he is claiming a friend that "didn't know him". Although I voted for Obama both times, he has destroyed the Democratic Party. By not keeping Organiziing for American going after he won the first time, he allowed the Rep. to get in deep in 2010. Additionally, his attitude to compromise by giving up the big end of every negotiation has disappointed the base of the party. Now he wants Perez to Chair the DNC. Obama needs to fade into the sunset or become a radical for democratic values. This Gorsuch is a terrible pick for progressives. We need to resist every pick. John McCain vowed to not give Clinton a Justice if she won