January 9, 2017

Word: Betsy DeVos

Diane Ravitch - Betsy DeVos should not be approved by the Senate committee or confirmed by the Senate as U.S. Secretary of Education. She has no experience or qualifications for the job. She is a lobbyist for alternatives to public schools. Eighty-five percent of the students in the U.S. attend  public schools. Her only plan is to weaken and destroy them by diverting public money to charter schools and vouchers for religious schools.

“DeVos is a billionaire who has never worked in a public school, never attended a public school, never sent her own children to public school. She has lived in a billionaire bubble of privilege. She has no understanding of the needs of our nation’s public schools, and she is in fact actively hostile to them. This is unacceptable. She is unacceptable.

“Our public schools are one of the cornerstones of our democracy. We have never had a Secretary of Education who was opposed to public schools. We should never have one

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Anonymous said...

Well, we're going to get to witness what sort of vigorous challenge our Arne Duncan supporting Democrats will mount.
Privatization of public education and enabling charter schools has been a bi-partisan object throughout this Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama neoliberal assault. Not holding my breath on this one. Outrage over Trump absent equal outrage directed at the co-enablers is just so much bull shit.
This ought be low on the priorities list this day, as it appears US Naval forces have been firing upon Iran craft.
Russia, Syria, Ukraine, or maybe now once again with Iran, Barry seems bound and determined to hand off to Trump a hot war. If nothing else, his actions post election ought lend validation to those warning the potential for World War III under Clinton. The US has lost international leverage in terms of manufacturing. The US is losing international leverage in terms of finances. The US has long ago lost international leverage in terms of moral and ethical high ground, bastion of human rights and peace. The only international leverage remaining to the US is overwhelming military might, and it appears the sociopaths pulling the strings have become desperate enough to use it.
Sam, please stop the heavy lifting for the Democratic Party, and once again aim your focus on those issues that truly matter.