January 19, 2017

Sonny Perdue on the Civil War

Trump's agriculture secretary pick on the Civil War during a gubernatorial proclamation: "Among those who served the Confederacy were many African-Americans, both free and slave, who saw action in the Confederate armed forces in many combat roles. According to the Georgia government's website on Confederate History Month, they also participated in the manufacture of products for the war effort, built naval ships, and provided military assistance and relief efforts..."


Anonymous said...

As much as that may violate your sensibilities, Sam, it is not entirely an untrue assertion.

Anonymous said...

As an addendum to above comment:


The issue of slavery was a complex and contradictory one for many in the South. Believe it or not, there were those within the Confederate high command who were opposed to the concept---some even coming from families active in the Southern abolitionist movement. Some Southern intellectuals saw little difference in the substitution of slavery for wage servitude---in light of the emerging sweatshops of the industrial Northeast one might find disputing the argument difficult. Needless to say, the simplistic North/South historical reductionism eludes true understanding, with misunderstanding further complicated by the current revisionism of both those in the North and the South.