January 22, 2017

Meanwhile. . .

Value of donations given to the American Civil Liberties Union in the week after the election : $7,200,000


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the ACLU filed an amicus brief siding in favor of the Citizens United case before the Supreme Court. The ACLU under Romero's leadership has been little than a neoliberal gatekeeper essentially validating the status quo. The ACLU was largely AWOL at the time the Patriot Act was being debated and then unfolded.
If one truly wants their donations to serve in the interests of progressive causes, then might it be suggested they seriously consider supporting the National Lawyers Guild:

Boffin said...

Fake news.

For this to be journalism, there would have to be verifiable sources, and enough context to show the significance. How much larger was this than past weeks or months? How did it compare to previous years, or previous elections? Shouldn't you wait a few weeks to show if the bump represents time-shifted donations rather than a net change?

It's fake news because it's not meant to communicate any information. Instead, it's cheer leading, virtue signaling, propaganda.

What's incredibly sad is that the left used to believe that telling the truth was a good in itself. Now every story has to massage the facts to explain to the faithful what they should think and what they should feel.