January 13, 2017

Giuliani shuns ethics security

Politico - Giuliani chairs the global cybersecurity practice at the law firm Greenberg Traurig, advising companies on securing data and responding to breaches. Through his own consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, the former New York mayor has worked for cyber-related clients including identity theft protection company LifeLock and insurance giant Aon.

Giuliani said he will not resign from those roles, even as he becomes a special adviser to the president-elect on these issues. His task, as he described it Thursday, will be to travel the world to find leading experts and introduce them and their ideas to Trump — setting up a clear path for Giuliani to promote his own clients or for companies to hire Giuliani to gain access to Trump.


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Matt said...

Can this whole thing get any more insane? Rudy is to travel the world, find interesting people and introduce them to the President of the US. It's absolutely nuts. I'm afraid that the American experiment in democratic republicanism under the Constitution of 1787 is over. Hellish consequences to follow.