January 3, 2017

Black farmers are on the rise

Yes Magazine - In 1982, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights extrapolated the statistics on land loss and predicted the extinction of the Black farmer by the year 2000.

They were wrong. While the situation is still dire, with Black farmers comprising only about 1 percent of the industry, we have not disappeared. After more than a century of decline, the number of Black farmers is on the rise.

These farmers are not just growing food, either. The ones you’ll meet here rely on survival strategies inherited from their ancestors, such as collectivism and commitment to social change. They infuse popular education, activism, and collective ownership into their work.

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Sylvia Valls said...

Hang on in there, folks... Farming will become an increasingly better way of earning a living and collective property is as necessary as (small) private property... !! Fewer acres and more mules to do the work!!