January 5, 2017

13 Democratic Caucus members want changes in Obamacare but not repeal

Washington Times - A group of 13 Senate Democratic Caucus members said  that they are ready to work with Republicans on changes to Obamacare, but objected to the quick pace GOP leaders are pushing to repeal the law entirely.

Proclaiming themselves “moderate Senate Democrats,” the 13 — including Sen. Angus King, who is an independent but who usually sides with Democrats — said they realize there are problems with the U.S. health care system even with Obamacare. They said improvements are needed.

“But by pushing an immediate repeal through a partisan reconciliation process, we won’t have the opportunity to work together and build on common ground,” the senators said in a letter. “By moving forward with no plan in place for the future of our health care system, those who support repeal assume the responsibility of mitigating the unnecessary and avoidable chaos this will create.”

It’s not clear how serious the effort is. The senators said they supported “improvements” to the law, but gave no details. Instead they listed a number of benefits they said the current law is providing, and insisted those cannot be tampered with.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the requirement to buy insurance from these despicable corporations will be one of the provisions they want to remove, but I won't hold my breath.