December 29, 2016

The unmentioned aspect of Russia's manipulation of our election

Progressive Review - The President has now taken significant action against what has been determined by the administration to have been direct manipulation of our election by the Russians. If  the beneficiary had been Hillary Clinton it would have been widely discussed  not only by Trump but by the media whether her campaign was somehow involved in the crime. Thanks in no small part to obsequiousness of the major media, this issue is not even being mentioned. One hopes, however, that the CIA and FBI are looking into it. 


Anonymous said...

If the beneficiary had been Clinton we might not have heard about this at all.

Richard Carlson said...

Still,no real evidence of foreign interference.But...Fuck it..Let's go to war.

Anonymous said...

Sam, I don't even know what this means. I've been reading you for 20 years but you're exhibiting borderline symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Please come back to the reality-based community.

Anonymous said...

I read over the thirteen page report "detailing Russian involvement." It contained only a couple pages dealing with how the alleged hacking happened. When boiled down, it said "the Russians did it, trust us on that one." It does a disservice to America to keep repeating the meme that Russia was involved, when there is no real proof of it.

Anonymous said...

There is no real proof of this "Russian Hacking."

First, the NSA records all information packet transmissions. If this had really been "Russian Hacking" they would have been able to pinpoint "where," "when' and "to whom.' The fact that they can't do that shows it is not hacking.

Second, the Russians are known to have some of the most sophisticated computer experts in the world. If so, why would they resort to "spearfishing," in order to hack admittedly insecure DNC computers. That looks more like the work of a bored teenager than a Russian hacker.

Third, why would the Russians concentrate their alleged hacks on John Podesta. It the Russians were behind this, then they would have cast a wider net. The fact that the the huge amounts of emails came from Podesta looks more like an "insider leak" than an "outsider hack.."

Anonymous said...

So in October we were told to reject xenophobia. Now Clinton's loss is totally due to foreigners conspiring against America?

This looks like another Red Scare to cover up the total humiliation of the mainstream media which helped Trump win by giving him so much free oxygen (air time); and the Dem leadership which had tin ears and refused to hear that the public wanted a Change candidate and not someone embodying the establishment.