December 10, 2016

The guy who attacked Clinton's Goldman Sachs connections has a problem

Slate - President-elect Donald Trump will reportedly name Gary Cohn, the longtime chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs, the director of the National Economic Council. If you’re keeping count, that would be another Goldman alum in Trump’s orbit, in addition to: former Goldman banker (and former Breitbart honcho) Steve Bannon, set to be a key White House adviser; former Goldman partner-turned-bubble-surfer Steven Mnuchin, who will head the treasury; and former Goldman banker Anthony Scaramucci, now a key transition adviser.

Trump lambasted Hillary Clinton for giving highly compensated speeches to the investment bank and trashed Sen. Ted Cruz because his wife worked there, and a closing campaign ad scaremongering about current Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein looked as if it might have first run in the Völkischer Beobachter.

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Anonymous said...

I keep getting this feeling that Trump is starting with picking transition team and cabinet people who are so awful that he expects the people to be up set by his choice. Then as people protest Trump pulls the controversial nominee and offers the position to someone who he really wants in the job, and people are so relieved Trump put the obviously awful one aside, that Trump is avoiding scrutiny with his number 2 choices.