December 10, 2016

Sexual abuse charges in the Trump gang


Anonymous said...

Time to properly rechristen this web site:
Sam Smith's Trump Review

greg gerritt said...

Sounds like Anonymous iuas afraid of the truth. And I did not vote fro Hilary

Anonymous said...

Sounds like anonymous is sick and tired of the distraction and misdirection that is all of the Trump hype. That he'd act this way is not news, at least for most folks that would regularly frequent a web site claiming to be the 'Progressive Review'. This coverage serves no real constructive purpose. It does not advance ideas or means of countering the dilemma. By implication, it tends to validate a floundering Democratic Party, further enabling them on to their self-destructive quest to emulate the Whigs.
It's not truth that anonymous is afraid of of, it is the prospects of maintaining this pernicious status quo of the past three and a half decades that scares the fuck out of me.