December 26, 2016

Books: Ecological Politics

Ecological Politics: For Survival and DemocracyBy John Rensenbrink

David Whitman, University of North Carolina  - John Rensenbrink makes a powerful argument that an ecologically-guided politics can become “a brilliant instrument of healing and thriving.” His new book represents the culmination of a career in political science and in the Green Party, of which he is a co-founder. ...His book needs to be widely read by academics, students, and all citizens seeking the pathway to fundamental social and political change.

Ellen LaConte - Skillfully deploying his knowledge of political history, sociology and ecology, John Rensenbrink maps out a surprising route to continued human existence on our seriously threatened planet. He suggests we take our cues from the longest-lasting, most diverse and successful global political economy ever: life itself. The reciprocal relationships, organically democratic organizational structures and adaptive and cooperative behaviors of natural systems are not only ecological. Rensenbrink argues persuasively that on a finite planet they are just plain necessary.

Dick Meyer, Chief Washington Correspondent, Scripps News - Someday the first modern president who isn’t a Democrat or Republican will have this book on a prominent shelf. Rensenbrink is a citizen-teacher of the ancient model who has pushed the limits of contemporary political theory and activism. He has gotten his hands dirty as candidate for office and an organizer, while always seeing the world through the eyes of a philosopher and a teacher. He writes with the contagious, passionate intensity of youth and the wisdom of, well, an old man. It is powered by a phenomenal erudition, a civic wisdom born of service and an unblinkered eye for what is most truly screwed up in the world.

Paul Woodruff - Anyone who seeks to make our practices more democratic should look closely at what Rensenbrink proposes. His powerful ideas deserve a large audience; they will at least and immediately find an audience among Green Party members and in Green related circles, who already know him as something of a prophet.

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