November 10, 2016

Trump: married three times, said lewd things but still got the evangelical vote

As the Review has pointed out before, we have always had born again Christians, but there was a time when we called them New Deal Democrats. No more. . .

USA Today - He’s been married three times, said lewd things, berated the beloved Bush family and offended women and Latinos, but conservative Christians helped send Donald Trump to the White House anyway.

Four out of five white evangelicals voted for the Republican nominee, according to exit polls.

For many, it came down to a few major issues, such as abortion and Supreme Court appointments. They also were swayed by party loyalty and fear of a government under Hillary Clinton.

And something more basic: Trump courted them.

“There was only one candidate in this race, one major candidate, who actually asked for the votes of white evangelicals, and that was Donald Trump,” said Michael R. Wear, a faith adviser to President Obama and Christian author. “White evangelicals, with some merit, feel embattled and isolated. He said, ‘I’m the only one who can save you, I’m the one who hears you.’ And Hillary doesn’t even enter into this conversation.”

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