November 19, 2016

Trump is only world leader who doesn't believe in climate change

Slate- As future president, Donald Trump has promised to dismantle President Barack Obama’s progress toward improving the environment. He has supported the Keystone XL pipeline and removing regulations on the gas and oil industries. He wants to reduce the influence of the Environmental Protection Agency, which he called a “disgrace,” and scrap the Clean Power Plan, which would compel power plants to reduce their carbon emission. He wants to “cancel” the Paris climate change deal. And he also once claimed that global warming is a hoax “created by and for the Chinese.” (China clarified Wednesday that it could not in fact be to blame, because climate change negotiations were first started by the Reagan administration.)

And on Jan. 20, Trump will become the only world leader who openly and outright rejects fighting climate change.

A July report by the Sierra Club found that the leaders of the 195 independent states of the world all acknowledge climate science and the need for action. The study concludes that “if elected, Donald Trump would be the only world leader today to deny the science of climate change. In fact, a review of the data indicates that Trump might very well be the only world leader not calling for urgent climate action.”

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