November 25, 2016

Secret Service may offer Trump $3 milioin in rent as well as security

NY Post - The Secret Service is in negotiations with the Trump Organization to take over two vacant floors in the gilded 68-story Fifth Avenue tower,

The federal agency and the NYPD plan to run a 24/7 command post out of the space that would be housed at least 40 floors below Trump’s $90 million penthouse triplex, where wife Melania and their 10-year-old son Barron will continue to reside at least through the spring, sources said.

The lease deal alone could cost more than $3 million a year, based on prevailing rates in the building.

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Leslie Armstrong said...

Let's see. If it costs $3M in rent, does Trump pay or do we? I think we've probably paid for the WH, given the number of years it has been around. . The article is unclear, but I'm not. I'm not willing to have tax dollars go to paying his rent. He can jolly well do that himself. Or so we are lead to believe based on his boasting of how rich he is. So what is the truth?? heaven nows. Politifact has already reported the 70+% of his BS is either mostly false, false or 'pants on fire'. That's enough for me not to give him a nickel. Course, he's also said he will only take the salary of $1 and I'm guessing that's for just a year. Regardless, his whole nightmare remains, sadly, a nightmare for which I am unwilling to see tax payer dollars support. Wish he, and Pense, would just quietly go home, never to be hear of again.