November 21, 2016

Poll finds we like Wifi better than sex

International Business Times -If a consistent internet connection is more important to you than having an active sex life, you wouldn't be alone. According to a new study, 4 in 10 of us identify Wi-Fi as our most important daily need, above sex, chocolate and alcohol. The study, carried about by Wi-Fi connectivity provider iPass, surveyed 1,700 working professionals across Europe and the US about their connectivity habits. It involved asking participants to rank the importance of Wi-Fi against other "human luxuries and necessities" on a scale of 1-4, with one being most important and 4 bring least important. Wi-Fi was labelled most important by 40.2% of respondents, followed by sex (36.6%), chocolate (14.3%) and alcohol, which was ranked as the number one daily essential by 8.9% of respondents.

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